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His father was a very successful businessman dealing in PVC pipes. In the Virgo lagna horoscope of Amit Shah there are good number of Dhana yogas confirming his birth in a well-t0-do business family. The lagna lord Mercury in the 2nd house in mutual aspect with 11th lord Moon is a good Dhana Yoga. The 9th lord Venus in mutual aspect with 5th lord Saturn is also a good Dhana yoga.

Then also notice another exchange of houses between the 8 th lord Mars and 11 th lord Moon. As per Bhriat Parashara Hora Shastra any planet strongly associated with 5 th lord, 9 th lord and 10 th lord can become capable of giving good results. His 12 th lord Sun is in Parivatan exchange of houses with 2 nd lord Venus. The Sun is conjoined with 10 th lord Mercury has become auspicious.

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Venus the 2 nd and 9 th lord is getting the aspect of 5 th lord Saturn so it is also capable of giving Raja Yoga. Now see the 11 th lord Moon which is in exchange with 8 th lord Mars. Here Moon is in the 8 th house getting the aspect of 10 th lord Mercury which make it strong enough to give auspicious result. However, Saturn is Ganatikaraka in the Chara Karaka scheme.

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The Atamakaraka Mars is also in debilitation. It also make a yoga for illness. Amit Shah is suffering from diabetes since many years. He was then under Vimshottari dasha of Sun November to November in his horoscope. Sun is with the lagna and 10th lord Mercury in Rashi Chart.

Amit Shah: What is the future ?

In Dashamsha the Sun is 10th lord placed in the ascendant showing his early interest in politics and social work during its dasha. Amit Shah graduated in B. Earlier he did his schooling from his home town in Mehsana but later moved to Ahmadabad during Sun maha dasha for higher studies.

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The 12th lord Sun with 10th lord Mercury shows his movement. The 5th house and the 5th lord receiving the aspect of debilitated Mars shows study in science subjects. Moon is in the sign of Mars and Mars is in the sign of Moon. The connection between Moon and Mars with technical influences on the 5th house has to give him study of bio-chemistry.

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In the maha dasha of Moon November to November he started taking active part in the politics. He campaigned for Lal Krishna Advani in general elections.

The shani in his vrishchik: An astrologer's exit poll on Modi & Bihar | Catch News

In he and Narendra Modi worked together to decimate Congress in the assembly elections. The BJP formed its first government in Gujarat state then. Moon is in the 8th house receiving the aspect of 5th lord Saturn. The 8th house plays a major role in politics where a person need to form strategies and have to conspire against its enemies.

They groomed them and made them work for the BJP. Amit Shah won this election in his Mars-Mars dasha in Vimshottari. Later he retained this seat in assembly polls Mars-Jupiter dasha. In the horoscope of Amit Shah the Mars and Moon are involve in an exchange of houses. It is an exchange of 8th and 11th houses. However, since Mars is debilitated here so its exchange of house with Moon acquire a different meaning here. The debilitation of a functional malefic planet in a horoscope is consider good as per Parashara. The Mars here will also give the result of 11th lord Moon as it is in exchange with it.

The 11th house is the house of gains and with the role of 8th house Amit Shah rose to prominence in a very surprise manner.

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He helped Modi to become chief minister of Gujarat in October when he was under his Mars-Venus dasha in Vimshottari. You can discuss about anything and everything under the sun and get proper guidance from our astrologer. Our astrologers are experienced enough to tackle any kind of personal issues and family matters effectively.

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