Cancer weekly astrology forecast 16 february 2020 michele knight

A particular experience or opportunity? Who do you need to make this happen? A romantic partner? New boss? Travel companion? You are about to draw someone to you who represents that desire. They also embody what you need to grow on a soul level now and evolve. Teamwork and collaborations are in focus as are events surrounding the arts, performing, PR or simply good times.

This is a month where you will attract on a big scale and yes, that includes attention. Decisions can be made this month and each one you make builds on the one before especially when they involve love or self-love. Love could literally come knocking for some as this is the perfect time to attract someone new. Or just have the person who is already in your life, tell you how much you mean to them. Get magnetically loved-up. Take the next big step on your spiritual quest this month. If you have been thinking about taking a psychic development course or learning the Tarot, astrology or even yes, numerology, this is the perfect time to do that.

You may also be spending a fair bit of time alone. And you may want to do so. This is the month where you get to realise there is a vast difference between being lonely and simply choosing your own company. Especially if you have had a problem with this in the past. Being close to water balances the energy within you this month.

And also if you are seeking answers at this time, you will find they may come to your easier if you are by, in or near water. Even in a big city there is usually a river to walk by — most of our biggest cities were located on rivers due to being able to bring goods up them. If you live by the sea then escape into your own wisdom by taking those beach walks. If none of the above is possible, sea salt baths provide your indoor answers. This is an inward month not one for outer achievements so downshift a little.

And heed your inner voice when it comes to the pace you set. You will emerge from this process with a new perspective and a surety around what direction to go in next. Not having a plan and not having a structured one will see you blocked until you create one. This month wants to show you good things come to those who know what they want and are prepared to stay the course to get them.

Time to look at what you have or have not achieved in your life so far — and what you want next. An 8 month can see doors to success swing open wide if we have made the right choices. Which one is it for you this month? This month brings cause, effect and karma home on an intensely personal level. You should be able to see clearly how one choice or decision you made led you to where you are now. This month brings gifts no matter what you choice was. The rewards from it or the ability to choose again.

Are you scared of who you can possibly become or what you are capable of? Very often the only person holding us back is ourselves. This month says: Go on, I dare you. What do you think would happen if you do? That daring extends to your personal life. Are you willing to take a chance on love? If you dare, then you could be in for a heart-changing experience on more than one level.

Prepare for a different perspective now. Because you have changed so your interpretation changed along with this. Prepare for a radical shift to follow. Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Time to wrap yourself in fabulousness as the Sun arrives in your 5 th , Aries. You are centrestage and front of house in some way this week. Act like the lead in your own production as well as its writer and director. If not to that special someone then to something you feel passionate about thanks to a marriage between your ruler Mars and Juno also in your 5 th. The 23 rd brings a special day of attraction and desire thanks to the Moon in your 1 st and Jupiter in your 9 th which together with the above send you off in an exciting new direction of love or opportunity thanks to a soul-searing Grand Fire Trine.

The sense of confidence and excitement you feel — that nobody puts baby in the corner anymore, has a ripple effect into other areas of your life. You embody a fresh sense of purpose and ownership of your path thanks to Vesta in your money zone. This aligns to Saturn in its ruling 10 th while retro Mercury backs into your house of home and long term security.

With Venus in your 5 th making a beneficial angle to Ceres in your 9 th you have not only the ability to impress others but also to strike a new deal when it comes to your career.

Ruling the world, or at the very least, your little part of it, is possible now. Act like a queen or king of all you survey. In a nutshell: Tap into the fire within this week, Aries. Time to blaze a trail! Retrograde Mercury in its ruling 3 rd in your chart meets your ruler Venus making that subject easy. Or perhaps easier than it would otherwise be if it is something you have been putting off saying. You could also get a second chance at presenting or putting forward those ideas and if this is the final stage of an interview process, the 24 th offers you the chance to sell yourself in with the possibility of beautiful results.

This is all linked to your money, security, home, family and living arrangements now the Sun arrives in your 4 th on the 22 nd. And is joined by Venus six days later. Deals can be done this week or brought to a satisfying climax which sets you up to enter a new phase of empowerment and self-determination handed to you by Vesta in your 1 st and Saturn in your 9 th.

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Just remember with Mercury still retrograde that while things may be agreed in principle thanks to Venus and Ceres putting a deal on the table like no other on the 28 th , there may be fine details still to be worked out. However, all this just emphasises the fact that your faith in yourself and your abilities over the long term, has not been misplaced. It also gives you the confidence to say whatever needs to be said now. And to direct the outcome of that conversation to your best advantage.

In a nutshell: Coming up with that conversation starter is easier than you think this week. Ruler Mercury is still in retroactive form and this week bumps into Venus in its ruling 2 nd. This could reactivate an income stream that you have let lapse. Do your research on them while Mercury remains backwards and wait to take action until it re-enters its ruling house. Relaunching or reviving a past effort however is very much strategy du jour. Follow your creative impulses and also desire to share everything from your words publishing, blogging, social media, presenting to your feelings.

Thanks to Mars also in your 3 rd now you have the confidence to do this and also a fearlessness about you. You are also intuitively linked in to the truth and also adept at reading sub-text and body language this week thanks to Vesta in your 12 th angling to Saturn in your 8 th. This allows you to let go of fears of how what you say and feel is going to be received, but also allows you to adapt your message so it resonates with your audience.

Whether this is followers on social media, that interview panel or simply that one special someone. A whole new world of understanding could open up as a result. Juno which rules commitment and traditional unions is aligned to Mars and the Moon in your 11 th along with Jupiter in your 7 th hands you not just passionate self-expression but emotional freedom too. Once Venus arrives in your 3 rd everything you say and convey just gets amplified by that extra volume of love.

No matter how well we think we know someone or they think they know us, remember — you have to invite them into your world. Love spoken out loud changes everything. In a nutshell: Share yourself this week, Gemini. Your ideas and feelings have wings. So send them out as far as you can. Allowing others access to your thoughts and emotions brings love in return. There is a balance or a bargain to be struck this week and it also features your social life and your personal life. Are you neglecting friends or your wider connections in favour of say just one or even your career?

Yes, success is so close this week you can practically taste it. You are also probably aiming higher than usual in your desire to achieve. Too much time spent with just one person no matter how close we are can eventually lead to us taking them for granted. Or being taken for granted in return. Time to get that balance happening. Between romantic love and the love of friendship, or just good old fashioned work and play. Control your world by striking the perfect arrangement this week. In a nutshell: Roaring ambitions see you surging ahead to discover just what you can achieve now, Cancer.

Strike the perfect balance. This birthday season explodes like a glitterball for you, Leo. Basically you are every Katy Perry hit song rolled into one. A roaring, unforgettable firework. As ruler the Sun arrives in your sign on the 22 nd it joins Juno and Mars and will be followed by Venus just days later. As you are ruled by the Sun, when it is in your sign it literally shines on you. And what this is telling you to do aside from bask in it, is not to be your old self now in some way. Change up how you look, think and act and align it to what you want to achieve.

Who will you be when you get it? Be that person right now. You can be so much more than your imagination. Just allow yourself to be it. There is another aspect to what you are becoming, and this applies to your work and career. Be seen as someone who is willing to put in a sustained effort and again, who owns who they are and their purpose. Show those in positions of authority that you are someone in whom they can place their trust and who is ready for the responsibility.

Success comes from knowing you have the credentials now. As the recruitment poster tells us: Be all you can be. In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Leo! This birthday season wants to see you be all you can be. The world is waiting. Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your 11 th where it encounters Venus in here on the 24 th.

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  • Reconnecting with an old friend is one aspect of this. Your retro ruler in here however does want you to take a close look at your social life. Does it require a little revival? We all lead busy lives and sometimes this leaves us with the distinct feeling that our lives are a treadmill where we run as fast as we can — only to remain in the same spot.

    Very often when this happens, it is our friendships that end up going by the board. So, do yours require a little more focus and perhaps resources directed towards them? Venus also arrives shortly after its Mercury encounter. When it comes to friendships past and present or even future ones, are you getting enough? Have you unwittingly taken on more than your fair share and sacrificed your social life in the process? One example of this would be always being the one who stays home while your partner is out pursuing their outside interests or always being the one who stays back at work.

    Vesta in your 9 th aligning to Saturn in your 5 th is all about claiming your right to pleasure — and freedom. Connections matter. And so do you. Time to look at the role your social life plays in this. People matter — and so do you. Wish upon a star this week, Libra. And the brightest star in the sky? That could possibly be you! This is not a week to be staying home. Or if it is or you say work from home or in a behind the scenes job, you now need to be looking at new ways to get front of house and yourself noticed.

    Take what you do seriously as retro Mercury meets ruler Venus in your 10 th on the 24 th. Is it time for a relaunch? Your on-line presence, Instagram feed, Facebook or Twitter profile, website or blog may play a role here as could you presenting yourself in the flesh.

    You do have a second chance to make a fresh impression now — so get creative in how you work this. This is your relaunch. The Sun in your 11 th shines on your social life, your social media profile and those goals, wishes and dreams. Do you need someone else in order for them to come true? This week calls for you to be your own best calling card and also to do just that. Phone, text, email, tag, talk and connect. Send yourself and your message far and wide.

    Talk about your vision as a Grand Fire Trine arches overhead between the Moon in your partnership sector, Juno and Mars conjunct in your 11 th and Jupiter in your 3 rd. Ruler Venus arrives in here from the 28 th and as it does, it gets into a game-changing conversation with Ceres, also in your 3 rd. Between these two a new deal with someone is on the table and it amounts to a lot more than just talk. Or they could find you.

    In a nutshell: Wishes turn into goals when we take action to make them happen. This often begins with telling others what we want to achieve. Send that message out there far and wide, Libra. Career defining moments where rewards and recognition become real could happen this week, Scorpio. Ancient power player Mars is joined by the Sun and Venus in your house of career and peak achievements this week. So, you need to remain aware of this at all times and to be aware of the impression you ae creating. Mars in your 10 th injects you with ambition and confidence plus gives you the courage to succeed.

    Mars operates autonomously usually which can sometimes see us taking action without thinking too much about the effects this has on others. Success comes from collaboration and partnership. And Vesta echoes this sentiment as it trines Saturn in your good news sector from your 7 th. Before Venus enters your 10 th it meets retro Mercury in your 9 th.

    News could release you from limitations now and possibly linked to the above. Venus is the natural ruler of both your 7 th and 2 nd houses. Sealing a deal merely adds to that growing sense of achievement and satisfaction. Remember — Venus is shortly going to move to trine Jupiter in here from your 10 th — something which has not happened in 12 years. Bank on yourself now, Scorpio. You have what it takes.

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    In a nutshell: Your confidence could be at an all-time high when it comes to career, Scorpio. Your secret to success? Collaboration and knowing nobody makes it on their own. This week could just feel like a mini-birthday one, Sag. First there are changes or adjustments to be made. Again, this is all like a mini-birthday feel or in this case, the soul clearing we do just prior to our birthdays when the Sun and other planets are in our 12 th. This time however, you have retro Mercury meeting Venus in your powerful 8 th of endings and rebirth. The Sun is in your 9 th of all things Sag ruled from the 22 nd and the 23 rd is when you will really feel optimism and the call of the new.

    For some the adventure could involve a new love affair with a true soul connection. Others could see doors to travel or opportunity swing wide just remember Mercury is retro for a little while longer. And just like you do on your birthday, be new or renewed on some level. Make a bold move this week towards a new beginning. In a nutshell: We usually only get one birthday, Sag. Make the most of a fabulous new beginning now. Can you resist anything except temptation? Are you hesitating and if so, why?

    Your 8 th of transformative events, alchemical attractions and what you most desire is lit up with the arrival of the Sun in here. It joins Mars who is currently in bed in here with Juno — ruler of marriage and traditional unions. In our modern era those traditional unions extend to our employers, anyone we share something with and even our bank if we have credit cards, mortgages or loans. Someone wants to climb in with you or for you to join them. Either quite literally or figuratively.

    Whether you say yes or no, you will be changed. But especially if you say yes. Along with your 8 th , the other house impacted by this is your 12 th where you have Jupiter and Ceres. Sometimes the thing we most fear is having the thing we want the most. Is this true of you? Ceres rules power. How powerful do you feel when it comes to being able to have what you want? Or are you scared if you get it you will lose control of some aspect of yourself?

    Such as your freedom for example? Go deep into why you want what you want or why you may be afraid to have it as Mars trines Jupiter allowing you to push past barriers. Venus also arrives in your 8 th on the 28 th and trines Ceres as it does. Could it be that what holds you back is the fear of just letting go and allowing yourself to jump right in to what or alternatively, who is on offer?

    Staying safe so often means settling for something passionless or so so. Let go and live a little now. In a nutshell: Something is on offer for you this week that has the power to transform a key area — or you on a deep level. Be seduced by change. Take it that during this time you are going to automatically draw to you who or what you need for your growth just as if you are a superhero with magnetism as your superpower!

    Being the 11 th sign of the zodiac, you know all about 11 th house energy. This is future-focussed and any planets in here activate your ability to manifest your goals, wishes and dreams usually via the people you connect with. You will remember me telling you at the end of when Jupiter entered this house to make three wishes and to expect at least one of them to come true in the next 12 months. This week could bring you news of exactly that as Jupiter aligns to Juno and Mars conjunct in your 7 th and the Moon in your 3 rd.

    Needless to say, with Venus and the Sun in your 7 th you are now in one of the best periods of the year for partnerships. For some of you, this could be the time to formalise your union. If you are seeking, then anything that begins now comes pre-packaged with the promise it could turn into something long term. Mars linking to Jupiter on the 25 th could see you determined to do everything you can to change your single status and confident about doing it. If a new relationship begins it could feel very different to anything you have entered into before.

    If you want a new beginning with a current partner, Venus linking to Ceres on the 28 th offers exactly that. You decide. In a nutshell: A whole new world around love awaits you, Aquarius. No more lurking in that ivory tower. Time for you and another to take a magic carpet ride to a new level of relating and attraction.

    When we have planets transitting this house, on some level, we become more aware of our karma unfolding. This is our house of work and service, of routine, pets if we have them and of our wellbeing and health. A big factor in our health is our intuition and this is ruled by our 12 th house and your ruler, Neptune. Our 6 th house is ruled by Mercury which is presently retrograde in your 5 th and encounters Venus in here this week just prior to Venus leaving for your 6 th. Ignoring your intuition is not an option now. And if you have tuned out its messages in the past, you may now be facing the bill for doing just that.

    Mars also in your 6 th can bring you increased energy and also if not monitored, see you rushing. Be aware this can lead to accidents, mistakes being made at work especially while Mercury remains retrograde and burn-out. If you are now having to go back over something or change course in some way, you need to know that there will be no quick fixes. That being said, following your intuition when it comes to your next move on the work or career front could see you take a big step in the right direction or put you back on your path if you have felt directionless.

    Karma is also about rewards for right actions taken in the past. Others could see these fall due. Take care of business this week. The business of wellbeing in particular. Just like karma —opportunity comes around again too. In a nutshell: Time to tap into your greatest resource — your intuition. You instinctively know when something is right, Pisces.

    Listen to your higher self and align with your higher purpose this week. Share it with your friends! Earlier this month you were asked to stay connected to your emotional intuition when it came to where you live and that feeling of safety and security we all need. You may still not have the big picture yet when it comes to this. This week delivers another eclipse this time a partial lunar one while retro-active Mercury re-enters your 4 th. You will be re-visiting themes triggered by the first eclipse but still not have the full picture. Plus you have major status-enhancing aspects to tap into.

    Venus will oppose Saturn and then Pluto in your 10th. Venus will also trine Neptune in your 12 th and this asks that you take what is set in motion or past achievements, and utilise them in the present. This full Moon normally brings career matters or a project to a conclusion so look to be doing just that. Go back to that past client, customer or potential employer.

    Reappraise your skills and what you have to offer. Show those who matter and can open doors for you, your best professional face. With the eclipsed Moon in here they may not grasp all your potential unless you make the effort to showcase this — seriously. Serious moves and serious gains can be made as a result. Leave others in no doubt about all you have to offer. This is your showcase — work it. Travel plans need back-up plans this week as retrograde Mercury re-enters its ruling 3 rd in your chart.

    You also have a partial lunar eclipse at the time of the full Moon of the 16 th. This occurs in your house of long distance travel, overseas connections, foreign affairs and mass media and transportation. Because eclipses cover up, if you are travelling, part of the journey may not go according to plan. Possibly the part you could not foresee.

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    Reservations could be lost or one connection missed rather than the entire journey affected. However, this week also comes packaged with opportunities for you to experience positive and long term freedom. Ruler Venus in your 3 rd wants to bring you good news or see you break free of confinement on some level. It will oppose Saturn as well as Pluto in your 9 th intent on transforming a situation which may have held you back for far too long and releasing you into something bigger. Venus also makes an inspirational angle to Neptune in your friend zone on the 18 th.

    People who are very much on your wavelength feature. Forming collaborations for creative or even spiritual endeavours is favoured now — perhaps a psychic study group or Tarot workshop. Surround yourself with people who lift you higher on some level. In a nutshell: This week could break you free from a situation which has gone on for far too long.

    Ready to step into something bigger, Taurus? Friends and soul collaborations form a part of the journey. Something affects you deeply on an emotional level this week. Events touch your soul. Now, this can be a thing, a relationship, a job or a belief. Retrograde ruler Mercury is in the midst of all of this backing up into your house of money on the 19 th while a partially eclipsed full Moon appears in your 8 th which not only rules money, assets, property and your income but also what you share with others and what you lend, borrow and are loaned. Mortgages, bank loans, joint accounts and in the case of couples, anything and everything they share to do with their partnership from their home to the kids, will come under the 8 th house.

    I should therefore not need to tell you that this is not a week under which to take on new financial obligations or for that matter renew old ones. The eclipse says you are missing something. That is if you are hoping for something that will last. However, sometimes flings have to be flung.

    If you are facing a big decision in an existing relationship due to the eclipse, you might do better to wait before coming to any binding conclusions. In terms of payouts for past efforts or rewards falling due however — this is very much your time. Venus is in its ruling 2 nd and moves to oppose both Saturn and Pluto as well as making a superb alignment with Neptune in your career sector. If you have had a clear and fixed goal connected to your career and remained focused on this, rewards could now fall due.

    You are in a position to demonstrate that knowing what you want and being prepared to work to get it pays off over the long term. This is not a week of instant gratification. But of knowing that some things are just worth the effort — and the wait. Defer if possible. But long term efforts could just pay off now — and be rewarded.

    Are you looking for love from just one source? Partners, lovers, tangos, duos and opposite numbers. No one person can fill all the roles for us. No matter how well we get on, no matter how much they love us and we love them back — no single individual can possibly fulfil the entire gamut of needs we have as human beings. Sure, if we are extremely lucky and perhaps you are one of those people, we get to be in a relationship with someone who is practically the complete package.

    In other words, our lover and our best friend. But even if we get that — we still need other close connections. Another best friend who is just that. Perhaps a business or activity partner. Or a collaborative long term work relationship. This week your ruler the Moon is partially eclipsed in your 7 th. Are you missing something when it comes to someone close to you? Or is someone expecting you to fulfil all their needs in a relationship? Over the long term that would be exhausting and unsustainable to say the least.

    Yet they may be perfect for a leading one in your life otherwise? Lucky you just happens to have the planet of love, Venus in your 1 st impacting on Saturn and also Pluto in your 7 th. Suddenly you may see a connection very differently and also realise that you do in fact need more close connections than just one to fill that open role in your life. Think of this week as a casting call if you like. Revivals or just reframing current relationships are helped by Mercury backing up into your 1 st again.

    Let others know you love them for just what kind of love they bring into your life — no matter if the only hat they wear is one. In a nutshell: Tap into a wellspring of limitless possibilities around love and relating this week, Cancer. No one person can complete us. But we can feel complete with so many ways to love!

    Uncovering the truth and aligning this to your higher purpose or potential will be part of your soul decluttering process this week. This always occurs in the month before the Sun arrives in our sign. We look back over the previous 12 months, at what we have achieved and also how we have changed. Owning our own evolution means looking closely at what we need to take forward with us — and what now needs to be consigned to the past.

    This encompasses anything and everything from our fears to our beliefs, those clothes in our closet which no longer reflect who we have become and also any connections which no longer support our journey. What weighs us down slows us down and has a negative impact on other areas — especially our wellbeing. The partially eclipsed full Moon in your 6 th intensifies the need to shed, shed, shed what restricts or diminishes you.

    But this is just part of the process. There may be more to be revealed when it comes to what is no longer needed. Venus in your 12 th calls for an intuitive and creative approach to this slenderising of your life. A connection you thought over and done with could revive as Venus trines the ruler of your 12 th , Neptune in your house of rebirth. Retrograde Mercury sliding back into your 12 th also points to news concerning someone from your past. Venus will oppose Saturn and then Pluto in your 6 th this week.

    Take steps to release energy drains and to adjust your diet or routine so it supports you. Good things are on their way and this could involve making room for them to enter your life. You also want to be looking and feeling your best when they do. Time for that soul diet, Leo. In a nutshell: Something comes spinning out of your past and only you know if it or they have a place in your future. You could run into them in the last place you thought you would see them or you hear from the last person on earth you ever thought you would.

    Surprise meetings make you wonder if fate is at work. For some this could mean bumping into that intriguing hottie you met a few months ago but never exchanged contact details with. Or you did but never heard back from them. Venus in your 11 th is usually about the love of friends and shared experiences rather than romantic love.

    In here, it also wants to grant access to that ultimate VIP lounge — the one where wishes and dreams get turned into goals. Or you connect with people in there who can help you with this. However, the romance embargo does not apply to you thanks to destiny defining moves between Venus, Saturn and Pluto as well as a two hearts beating as one angle between Venus and Neptune.

    And then simply to be open about how it arrives. Go with a different kind of flow now. In a nutshell: Who you hear from or crosses your path may shock and surprise like a bolt from the blue. Unexpected encounters come with romance or other benefits as part of the package, Virgo. Ruler Venus is busy this week seeking to enhance your career prospects. You need to be looking to the long term now and the best part about all this is that each big decision you make, builds on the one previous. There could be shades of the past attached to this as a career or even a home-related situation may echo one you have been in before.

    If so, what did you choose back then and how did this choice affect where you are today? Buttons around home, family and yes, what you need in order to feel secure, your roots and living arrangements, get pushed as a partially eclipsed full Moon strikes its ruling house in your chart on the 16 th. What you do have however is an enhanced knowledge of your needs so act with this in mind. That being said, Venus always wants to deliver that favourable outcome.

    Get ready to make a power move and impress gatekeepers and yes sayers as it opposes first Saturn and then Pluto also in your 4 th. Transformations around your living arrangements or your job are all to your advantage. Some of you could be looking at quite literally a come-back from the career wilderness. But have you played this role before? Look at the past if you want change the outcome. You direct. Long distance travel and communications require attention to detail and extra planning this week. The retrograde weather continues as Mercury backs into your 9 th which rules overseas and long haul flights, mass media, the law, higher education, foreigners and mass transportation amongst others things.

    Snafus, cancellations, strikes, breakdowns and also miscommunications and on a grander scale, fake news could impact on you. If you are travelling anywhere this week, you need to allow extra time to get there even when confirming your connections. Agreements made verbally may be subject to change or rescinded entirely. If they are in writing, they need to be triple checked and possibly even by an expert. Booking that holiday even outside the Mercury retrofactor is not advised. Researching it is. Avoid buying any means of getting around be it a car or a horse.

    Unless of course the car is a write-off. The horse can wait unless you are Amish. Venus in your 9 th however stirs your soul to experience a bigger kind of passion. If you are travelling back to somewhere you visited before, the retro-barriers are lifted. As they are with anything returning to you that was set in motion before the retrograde cycle began.

    What you missed out on — anything from that job, to that study place or yes, even that horse, that comes charging back in, has your name on it free of retrograde worry. Ruler Pluto is on your side now bringing soul transformative news as Venus opposes it making this an offer you may not be able to refuse.

    Nor should you. But you could now head in a direction you thought was closed to you, Scorpio. But there may be no reservations when it comes to accepting something which revives from the past. Freedom costs. Or it needs funding. Even that off-the-grid dream you may be nurturing. On a deeper but strangely everyday level, selling your soul has never been what you are about. You may be missing the bigger picture when it comes to your money and bankrolling what really matters to you.

    This could be anything from a so far unexplored or unseen source of income you can tap into or a talent or skill you can leverage. The partially eclipsed full Moon in your 2 nd on the 16 th tells you that you have more resources at your disposal than you realise.

    Delve deeper to discover. Venus rules your 2 nd and is in your other money house right now — your 8 th. This week also sees retrograde Mercury back in here perhaps connecting you to earning opportunities you have overlooked but also favouring renegotiations and refinancing of all descriptions.

    However, please do not take out any new loans or make new investments now. This is also the house of things that you share with others. Venus will move to oppose both Saturn and Pluto in its ruling house this week. Define what it is that is truly important so you have the basis for your negotiations if they are to take place. This could be a gofundme moment for you. Cash in, Sag. In a nutshell: Allocate your resources to what truly matters, Sag. The keys to the vault could be yours. Unlock it. Ch-ch-ch-changes abound this week, Capricorn. One that you need to own in order to be authentic.

    And to have that lasting, authentic kind of love that you crave. So, the question is are you not showing your authentic self to partners or potential partners? Time to be the love change that you want to be and to be unafraid to show it. Perhaps you fear rejection. And if that is the case you need to know that was never love in the first place. Venus is in its ruling 7 th in your chart and moves to oppose both your ruler Saturn and then Pluto in your 1 st. Singles who embrace their new authenticity could draw that reflection to them in the form of someone who wants what they do — and loves the lack of game playing you embody.

    When we evolve, our relationships evolve with us or else make way for ones that do. This week is about knowing you deserve to be loved, just the way you really are. So be nothing but that, Capricorn. In a nutshell: Love needs authenticity to thrive and that begins with your real self, Capricorn. This week your attraction lies with being just the way you are. Know that you probably know less than Jon Snow this week and this will prove to be your starting point towards actually knowing something, Aquarius. Above all as the week unfolds, heed your intuition and flashes of insight that may come out of nowhere.

    As time goes by they will prove to be accurate so ignore them at your peril. Your psychic and intuitive abilities are your secret superpower now. The only question remaining is how will you choose to use them? It comes partially eclipsed so in actual fact, that still small voice within has already alerted you to this. It all boils down to whether you are choosing to believe it or not. You have a loaded 12 th at the moment as you probably know. This is intended to bring about soul transformations and over the next four years or so will release you into an exciting new future.

    The other issue is how denial or simply ignoring the truth impacts on your overall wellbeing. Venus in your 6 th is seeking to enhance that right now as it opposes both Saturn your ancient ruler and Pluto in your 12 th. Neptune being the ruler of your 12 th. Add to the mix retro-Mercury backing into what is its ruling house. The truth sets you free into a better way of working or simply wellbeing.

    The 12 th is also your house of your guardian angel. Answers will be heaven-sent, Aquarius. You do however have a high speed link to your guide or universal wisdom. Ask and be open to receiving the truth, Aquarius. Second star to the right — and straight on to your dreams, Pisces. What goal are you telling yourself you cannot have, attain or achieve?

    Because eclipses are about our blind spots you may not see this unless you look closer. Sometimes success makes people afraid. Usually afraid of being left behind or unwanted by the person who succeeds. Just be aware of these kinds of undercurrents now. However, true support and also romance trump any negativity in your social circle. Venus in your 5 th only wants to deliver the good things of life.

    To see you showered with attention, pleasure and yes, love. What you wish for — you may get or at the very least, a helping hand towards it as Venus opposes Saturn and then Pluto in your 11 th and trines ruler Neptune in your 1 st. Powerful or influential friends could open doors.

    Mercury in full retro-active mode could re-deliver a love you thought was long gone and this includes something you love to do or a missed opportunity. In a nutshell: Set your sights on that dream — and go directly to it, Pisces. The Ace of Swords is potent energy and brings with it a new perception. Knock knock! The past in all its many shapes and forms comes calling now. This may not just apply to the recent past but could stretch right back to the start of the millennium for some and depending on your age — even further back for others.

    Mercury heads retrograde in your 5 th of lovers and children this week. Five planets are now in retroactive motion and as this is your house or romance, I should not need to tell you that starting a new love affair is not a good idea now unless you like signing up for mind changes, indecision and frustration. The Sun meets the fated North Node in your 4 th while opposing Saturn in your 10 th while highlighting Neptune which rules the past in its ruling 12 th. The Sun will then oppose Pluto also in your 10 th while ruler Mars in your 5 th tightens its influence on Uranus in your 2 nd.

    Expect to confront not only past people, actions and decisions of your own, but also your family past and the messages around what it is possible for you to have, do or achieve. What have you inherited here? Whose karma is this anyway? But rewards come full circle for correct choices now. In a nutshell: This week sees the past reappear in the present and set your course for the future.

    Claim your own story, Aries. What have you been putting off, Taurus? Yes, you are aware as much as anyone that perhaps things could be better and more accommodating. Your lifestyle or living space could perhaps do with an upgrade. Settling can also mean accepting less than what you know deep down you deserve. Mercury moves backwards through your 4 th this week asking for a reassessment of your home, property, lifestyle or living arrangements. I should not need to tell you that with the planet of contracts moonwalking in here, that this is not a good time to buy, sell, rent, lease, move or Airbnb your home unless this is unavoidable.

    It is however, an excellent time to think long and hard about whether you have outlived your current surroundings or if changes need to be made to make houseroom for a better lifestyle. If there is a place calling to you, time to explore how to get there as the Sun conjuncts the North Node in your 3 rd and opposes Saturn in your 9 th.

    Mars also in your 4 th awakens a restlessness in you and your current surroundings may seem confining as a result. You are no longer content to be confined. Do what needs to be done to give yourself more space this week, Taurus. Even if it means mealtimes occasionally no longer run to schedule. In a nutshell: You need more heartfelt living space, Taurus. So, what are you prepared to do to get that? Changing rooms could mean opening up to living — and loving larger, Taurus. And you know what that entails more than most. Especially when your ruler retrogrades in its ruling house.

    I should not need to go over the Retro Rules with you of all signs. Also, you of all signs know the hidden benefits of Retro Time. Time to go back over things and plan for a new beginning once Mercury clears retroshadow. It will change or what seems like the final chapter turns out to be just a paragraph — which is later edited. What to look at now? Because there always is one. With a partner or a family member, there may be unwritten emotional terms in the contract. Like who calls the shots or even the terms. Who gives away what.

    Your 8 th house is your house of personal power, your 2 nd rules your money. Both have a lot in common. This week sees the Sun meet the North Node in your 2 nd and oppose Saturn in your 8 th. It will then go on to oppose Pluto which rules this house. Mars also in your 3 rd opposes Uranus in your house of secrets.

    This Mercury retrograde could mark a period of intense renegotiation when it comes to power or asset sharing. A newer, better, fairer deal could be the result. For you and the other party. In a nutshell: Are you afraid to ask for what you want? And is this a pattern for you? And craft a new and fairer deal. Looking closely at where the money goes and coming up with a fresh budget or spending plan which balances rewards with responsibility. Just cash savviness. What have you learned about partnerships these past few years? As well as the karma we create in the here and now.

    If you have learned and grown in understanding it could be time to commit now as the Sun in your 1 st strikes the North Node and opposes Saturn in your 7 th. This could just as easily apply to your attitude to love. You can commit to finding it if you are single, or making an existing partnership better. Relating being the most important one for you this recycled season. More on this in a moment. Of course, the usual retro rules apply and I should not need to go into detail about these. You should know them off by heart. The 4 th sees Juno enter your status sector. Juno rules commitments and giving your word.

    Are you ready to make a lasting promise to that path you are on? You also have Mars in this house telling you it may be time to transform those personal ambitions as it makes a tight but confidence inspiring angle to Pluto in your 1 st on the 5 th. Who makes it happen? You do! Dare to ask for something bigger and better or commit to finding it as Juno and Chiron in your 4 th oppose one another on the 9 th. It shines its light back into your social and goals sector making this a very good night for date night or to be out meeting people. It does however fall conjunct Vesta in here. Vesta rules gender politics and sexism.

    Have you been told you cannot attain something due to your gender? Or are you expected to take on more than your fair share of responsibility around childcare for example simply because of your sex? If you have just started dating someone pay attention to their attitude around these issues. Ensure you are on the same and equal page before taking things further.

    Ceres enters your sign from the 16 th. Make no mistake — we now take this dwarf planet every bit as seriously as Pluto. Ceres entry in here starts the cycle of your sign being front-and-centre of all astro activity for the next few months. The 19 th sees Mars move on into your 11 th. This gives you reborn confidence when it comes to your social life.

    However, the flip side of this is discovering some connections no longer hold any resonance for you. Remember, nature abhors a vacuum and if goodbyes are necessary, prepare to move in fresh circles as Mercury heads direct from the 21 st. Soul searching work or simply you remaining focussed on completing that project you were not yet ready to share could pay off for you in ways you dared not imagine.

    The final days of November see the Sun arrive in your 12 th from the 22 nd. Venus and Jupiter also meet in here on the 24 th. This mystical alignment is all about good karma or benefits you have accrued in the past. People from your past or past lives may be part of this journey now. As could simply being in the right place at the right time. Understand there is no such thing as coincidence. Just destiny at work. Ceres in your 1 st trines Uranus in your 5 th on the 25 th perhaps bringing you an unexpected or unlooked for romance or opportunity.

    Venus is your Star of the Moment as it enters your 1 st the same day as the new Moon appears in your 12 th.

    Cancer Yearly Astrology Forecast 2019

    It too will trine Uranus on the 28 th. Some of you may hear from someone you did not expect to again as this day also sees Neptune head direct in your 3 rd. You end the month on a starry moment thanks to the meeting between Venus and Ceres in your 1th. The deal you make now could simply be with yourself when it comes to your own self-image. Any changes you make to your appearance, brand, message, style or how you come across will have a knock-on effect when it comes to how you are perceived.

    Some people may see the title on their business card change. How you see yourself will be reflected by how others treat you. Get some star quality happening now that can take you all the way into , Capricorn. In a nutshell: All eyes are going to be on your sign in the next few months, Capricorn. November says are you ready to be the centre of attention? Are you ready to find out, Capricorn? Or at the very least receive at part of the answer?

    This year you will discover that, to paraphrase the Bard, that there is more in heaven and earth than you ever dreamed possible. You will see you place in the grand scheme of things very differently by the time the year is through. All courtesy of Jupiter in your 12th for the majority of You are sailing in uncharted territory now. Mysteries and the meaning of dreams are yours to discover. Or you may combine travelling with spiritual exploration or giving back — a meditation or yoga retreat or volunteering for example.

    You want a deeper experience of the world now. Travelling in your head — destination self-knowledge, is another kind of exploration you may embark upon. Jupiter rules higher learning and you may want to know more about what makes you tick. Psychology and self-help could top your reading list and you may follow this up by consulting a therapist or counsellor if you feel the need to go deeper still.

    Occult and metaphysical subjects may be other areas you are drawn to. Studying the Tarot, astrology, numerology and psychic development and as part of this speaking to a reader, may open up new insights. With that angel on your shoulder I mentioned earlier, if you truly want answers, you will receive them this year whether it is through your own insight or via you speaking to someone else. Your 12th is the realm of the unseen — that which exists but which we can only access by relying on our imagination and our 6th sense. The multiverse is a concept for you to play with and explore now.

    In fact, we are all creative on some level just as we are all psychic. So, your inner critic is that Not-So-Public Enemy 1. Jupiter in our 12th expands our creativity and also allows us to suspend that inner critic and not worry about what others may think too. What better reasons do you need? I have so much more to say on the subject of your self-expression for But to give you one final Jupiter-in-yourth tip: Jupiter in here allows you to tap into your creative power via visualisation.

    Enter the realm of magical manifestation as you can now add the details to your vision you were never able to access before. Just remember however, that Jupiter in here is not so much about worldly success but spiritual growth. The details you should not leave out are therefore empathy and higher purpose. Call this the secret to your success. Try it and see! Guard your dreams carefully and keep them close until they manifest however. You are the sign of ascension or climbing to the top after all!

    But now there has to be meaning behind it all. The start of sees you recommit to this but perhaps realise that there are many paths that lead to the top of the mountain as the Sun meets ruler Saturn in your 1st on Jan 2. What these are or what route they may take you may take a while to be revealed. Jan 6 sees your new Moon of personal beginnings appear in your sign but this comes packaged with a partial solar eclipse. Eclipses conceal with what is hidden to be revealed later. With a partial eclipse you have only partial concealment.

    Work with what you have. Take it as far as you can given that — and then wait. The Sun and then Mercury will meet Pluto in your 1st on the 11th and then the 18th Jan.

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    What starts to be shown can transform that path so be patient while it comes into focus — something your sign excels at after all. February sees you able to wield that power of manifestation to attract what you need for the long term all thanks to Venus in your 1st from Feb 3.

    You will have little time for superficial concerns and none at all for timewasters now — whether this is on a personal or professional level. This can be one of your most important periods in for determining what you want to attract — and seeing it manifest. Back to those themes of creativity, fun and above all, self-expression. How do we amp up our capacity to attract love, pleasure and opportunities to shine? By being ourselves and following our passion where it wants to lead us. You have the high-speed link to higher purpose. No more somedays.

    No more excuses. Ditch the excuses. Love who you are right now. There are no more somedays there is only today! This is your house of creativity, fun, passion and pleasure. Uranus is the planet of individuality and in here this means loving yourself just the way you are. And doing the things you want that make you feel alive and allow you to express who you are NOW — not someday. Funny thing when we let go of someday and also those feelings we may have of not being good enough right now.

    We get on with it and have fun anyway. People who are happy and love what they are doing are passionate and attractive to others.